Technical Parameter
    Saw Blade Specifications( mm):φ460*3.2 φ480*3.2
    Cutting Range( mm):Width 1510-2310 Thickness 20-100
    Cutting Length( mm):≥15
    Clamping Mode:Horizontal vertical clamping
    Raw Material Length (mm):≤6000
    Main Shaft Speed:Infinitely variable speeds
    Spindle Motor Power( kW):22
    Feed Motor Power( kW):5.0
    Feeder Motor Power( kW):5.0/5.0
    Sawing Roughness:≤Ra6.3
    Vertical Degree of Saw Cut:≤0.2mm/100mm
    Saw Cut Straightness:≤0.15mm/1000mm
    Saw Cut Length Tolerance (mm):±0.75
    Spindle Box Feed:Flat Cut+ Servo Drive
    Fast Forward Fast Back Speed of Spindle Box :10-20m/min
    Acceleration of Spindle Box:100-600mm/min Infinitely variable speeds
    Spindle Accuracy( mm):≤0.008
    Positioning Accuracy of Feeding Table(mm):±0.1
    Cooling-down Method:Oil spray cooling
    Primary feeding length:one time is 550mm, cycle multiple feeding
    Compressed air( MPa):0.6
    Dredging Mode:Automatic chain plate chip conveyor
    Cutting Mode :Automatic blanking
    Is it circular:Single cycle / multi cycle
    Weight (t):28

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